Friday, 19 June 2009

Twitter and - secure communication?

Just tell me how to communicate securely over Twitter.

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There have been many attempts to monitor communications over the Internet. Governments seem intent on listening to us at any opportunity. The use of Twitter as a robust communication channel during the Iranian post-election protests must be sending a shiver down the spines of many a national leader.

One interesting thing is that, at the moment, these channels are used to communicate in plain text. There have been several discussions of using them securely - but none seem to have taken this to its logical conclusion. I believe it is possible to construct a straightforward method of communicating securely and relatively anonymously over the existing micro-blogging services, and have published an outline of how to do this.

Please note, I've moved the outline to this blog to allow comments.

Other interesting articles on this topic include:
* Proof-of-concept hack for encrypted direct messages on Twitter
* DSNP: Distributed Social Networking Protocol

Once again our leaders seem to have no understanding of the possibilities of the technology.

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