Monday, 15 June 2009

Iraq - Here comes the cover-up

Freedom of Information - Open Government - The End of Spin

Clearly all of these are just slogans, and not taken to heart in our executive. Today Gordon Brown has announced that the Iraq War inquiry will be held in private. Brown is clearly scared of what will be said. He cannot stand the scrutiny of the public. This is the action of a corrupt and morally bankrupt leader.

So, what will the outcomes of this inquiry be? Well look at the cv of Sir John Chilcot...
  • Member of the Butler Inquiry into Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  • Staff Counsellor to the National Criminal Intelligence Service since 2002.
  • Chairman since 2001, of the Police Federation, the leading research foundation on policing in the UK.
  • Member, the National Archives Council (formerly the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Council on the Public Records) since 1999.
  • Trustee, the Police Rehabilitation Trust since 2002.
  • Director, Abraxa Ltd and NBW Ltd.

So we can expect another cover-up.

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