Saturday, 13 June 2009

Home education under inspection

OK - the "logic" of the Badman Report on Home Education goes like this...
There is no evidence that home educated children are more likely to be abused than the general population.


There is a risk that home educated children could be being abused, so local authority officers should have the right to demand access to the family home and inspect evidence of the education they are to receive over the next 12 months.
I wonder if this is not another example of 'nominative determinism' - that 'Badman' sees bad men everywhere...

There is, however, a very serious issue here. Independent schools are not required to register their pupils with the state, they are normally inspected by non-government organisations. Families who, for a variety of reasons, decide to educate their children themselves are identified as a suspicious and in need of state inspection.

The state seems to want to know more and more about us. Invade more of our lives, open them up for inspection and scrutiny.

Why does our government want to do this?

I think it is because our leaders and their representatives think that the public are a untrustworthy - probably unwashed and stupid. They view themselves as enlightened.

Somehow I think that the evidence demonstrates the reverse - I have much more trust in my neighbour than my MP.

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