Monday, 4 May 2009

GCHQ is not spying on us - it's official

The Government Communication Head Quarters has just issued a press release officially stating that it is not spying on our Internet usage...
GCHQ is not developing technology to enable the monitoring of all internet use and phone calls in Britain, or to target everyone in the UK. Similarly, GCHQ has no ambitions, expectations or plans for a database or databases to store centrally all communications data in Britain.
Note the two words I've put in bold - so they might be planning store the vast majority of our internet use and phone calls on a distributed database.

This brings to mind Sir Humphrey Appleby in "Yes Prime Minister"...

'The first rule of politics: never believe anything until it's been officially denied.'

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  1. Well we all knew it been going on anyhow. However the tenant in the bugalow with the speed camara outside is convinced its taking photos of him might not be so silly now thinking about it...