Sunday, 19 April 2009

We need to aim for a sustainable society.

I've spent a weekend away from the computer, and so I've managed to read several newspapers.
  • The current moral, if not political, meltdown of the Brown administration is obvious.
  • It would seem Nick Hardwick, chair of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), has rediscovered his conscience, and we all now have a chance to influence the future of policing in the UK.
  • The Tories are promising to avoid sleaze if they get into power - and given the pain they have experienced in the past week or so maybe they will.
  • Climate change is being recognised as a fact by the Obama administration, and the States may start to react as a result.
Unfortunately, the Liberal Capitalist 'consensus' still rules the mind set of our politicians. The dominant idea is still that 'if we return to growth it will all sort out'. Have these people no vision at all? Constant growth is bankrupt. It is a recipe for the destruction of civilisation. A 2% per annum growth means adding the entire economy of two centuries ago each year. We just cannot continue like that - there are simply not the resources.

The only reason for worrying about the issues of policing and liberty is to set the tone for civilisation as it collapses. This society has no future unless we get away from the idea of constant growth and decides to focus on sustainability.

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