Thursday, 16 April 2009

Surveillance must cut both ways

OnModernLiberty has a posting asking how can we bring the police under democratic control. The whole list of proposals, originally published at Centre Right by Graeme Archer ,is worth reading, but I will focus on these two:
  • Just as the storage of DNA from wholly innocent citizens is an outrage, so is the routine videoing of members of the public by police officers. This must stop.
  • In contrast, members of the public must never be prevented from recording the activities of police officers.
It is difficult to argue with these two after the G20 assaults. Had the police not been videoed by members of the public, then the two appalling assaults that have come to light, so far, would have been ignored. The many more that will come out over the next few months would never be heard about.

On a similar theme, two Austrian tourists had there photographs deleted for taking pictures of buses and bus-stations. Before you ask why they wanted a picture of Vauxhall bus station, just have a look at it - it is a remarkable piece of architecture. This is just plain stupid. Do the police have nothing better to do?

I hope that someone with better organisational skills and contacts than me takes this cause up. To help them get started here is an idea.

Let's have a National Photograph Buses, Trains and Policemen day. It would be a simple piece of mass protest and might get quite a bit of press interest.

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