Friday, 10 April 2009

Statistics on Police Assaults at the G20

After using simple sums to judge the recession, let us apply this to the assaults by the police at the G20 protests.

There must have been many more people randomly assaulted by the police.
My logic is simple, the chances of the only person assaulted by the police being the only person that died during the protests is extremely unlikely - unless he died as a direct result of the assault.

If he died as a direct result of the assault, then the police must have been using the bare minimum of force needed to kill. I say this because he died minutes later, and the evidence slipped past the first post-mortem. In this case, the police must have been led to believe that they were expected to use as much violence as they could without killing - and they got this one wrong.

The fact that this attack was so completely captured on video suggests that most of the other assaults will be as well - were we to go out and look for them, but that will be hard given the justifiable amount of coverage given to Tomlinson. Do not be surprised when reports and inquiries suggest that their were hundreds of unjustifiable assaults by the police during the protests.
We clearly need to have the legal right to take photographs of the police.

Finally, look at this picture and ask yourself what is wrong with it...

I do not believe it is possible to perform CPR while wearing a riot helmet...

UPDATE: 11th April 2009: The Guardian reports that 120 complaints about assults by police at the protests have been made to the IPCC.

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