Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Middle class angst: protest and poverty

Almost a year ago I wrote "Panic now - avoid the rush" in this blog. It missed a few things, but otherwise seems to still hold. I failed to predict the economic crash in detail, but so did many other people.

The middle classes are under threat.
Many of them have lost their jobs - and many more will in the next year.
Many are facing repossession of their beloved houses.

They are faced with entering relative poverty. They are also beginning to wake up the appalling attitudes that the state takes towards its 'subjects'. The highbrow press are pretty wound-up about the current policing atrocities and wider problems - with society, climate and the economy. I suspect these new dispossessed will think about becoming more active politically - and they will discover that conventional politics has nothing to offer them.

What impact will this have?

I'm not sure, but it is definitely worth thinking about. I guess that they will initially be looking to get back to their previous (unsustainable) life style. Somehow this new group of protesters need to be shown a route to a sane and sustainable future.

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