Thursday, 2 April 2009

G20 Fail - another cockup

The failure of the G20 leaders to understand or hear the protest is easily understood - there were too many different issues. The fact is that what all of the protesters were against the status quo, many just identified with one particular issue that they thought was most important.
  • Capitalism - because it is so obvious that it makes people unhappy and is unsustainable;
  • Climate Change - because it would be nice to have a decent planet for our grandchildren;
  • Bankers - because some of them are extremely selfish people;
  • Nuclear Weapons - because they are clearly immoral;
  • Civil Liberties - because if you don't have freedom, what do you have;
  • and many more.
This rainbow coalition seems confusing, and it would require some thought on the part of our leaders to realise that the protesters were saying that they have got it all wrong.

Of course they can't believe that.

They aren't even really thinking about things, they are just reacting. The thing that really worries me is the solution the world 'found' to two previous major stock market crashes - the two World Wars. Our global society needs to move to a much longer term view if it is to survive.

But our leaders are devoted to their model.

The leaders of the nations believe that they can solve the problem, and yet they don't even know what the problem is - because it is the entire system that got them elected.

What we need is a system that doesn't rely on growth and power - and I just don't see our leaders going for that voluntarily.

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  1. Well you know me I watched the G20 on TV and was more interested in the rioting :p
    Not much I as a person can do anyhow.
    I agree with some of your points there too.

    "# Capitalism - because it is so obvious that it makes people unhappy and is unsustainable;"

    Well yeah but we can't all become socialists or communists or what ever can we, so what choice do we have?

    PS: Watch Fox News they keep calling Obama a communist :/