Saturday, 11 April 2009

Blears, bloggers and cynicism

Hazel Blears, as reported in BBC News, says:
Political blogs are fuelling a culture of cynicism about politics
I'd like to know which planet she's on. This is a blog, and it can sound pretty cynical - but it is not the driving force behind our failing political establishment. Neither is it down to Guido, or any of the other bloggers.

The problem is the cynicism of our elected representatives and the people who force themselves to the top of that odious group.

They have no vision beyond the next opinion poll and their second, third ...any advance?... home. This is from the Times...
Other Cabinet ministers who claimed the maximum amount to stay away from home on parliamentary business last year include Shaun Woodward, the Northern Ireland Secretary, Hazel Blears, the Communities Secretary, Liam Byrne, the Cabinet Office Minister and Geoff Hoon, the Transport Secretary.
And she has the nerve to call us cynical.

Even if we are purely being cynical, at least we are engaging with the process. Would she rather we simply believed the bullshit they are constantly feeding us?

UPDATE: 11th April 2009 19:35 - Guido Fawkes blog is down - sheer weight of traffic or revenge?

19:45 - Guido Fawkes blog is back up, must have been traffic.

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  1. "Cynic: One who sees the world as it is, instead of as ir is supposed to be" :)
    - Ambrose Bierce, I think...