Saturday, 7 March 2009

YAPD - Yet another police database

Once again the Guardian is living up to its name and doing some proper journalism to protect our liberties:

Superintendent David Hartshorn, from the Met's public order branch, conceded law-abiding campaigners were being added to the database. He said individuals on the system included people convicted or suspected of public order offences.
No I don't think we live in a Police State - yet.

Mind you, it would appear that even thinking about photographing a sewer grate is enough to hold you for two days as a suspected terrorist.

To quote David Davis from the Andrew Marr Show:

Now what I said was it's not a police state, but you know what have we got? We've got a situation now where the Government is building databases for everybody from birth to grave, from cradle to grave, and they're going to know almost everything about all of us. They want to have a database of every single email, text, telephone call, which they can then search. They want to be able to maintain…Well you can go on and on and on.
Welcome the Database State...

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