Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Understanding the quiet coverage over Clause 152.

Today Jack Straw sent the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice (Bridget Prentice) into the Committee scrutinising "Coroners and Justice Bill" to officially announce his U-turn over Clause 152. So it's official - they are backing down, but planning to try again. It really worth reading. Here's a little quote:

As a result of our scrutinising matters in Committee, we have decided to remove clause 152. I apologise to the hon. Member for North-West Norfolk that such details should have appeared in the press before they were brought to the attention of the Committee. However, I have followed the proper process and have asked Cabinet colleagues to withdraw the clause from the Bill so that we can have further consultation.

The timeline in the press goes like this:
  • Saturday 7th March - Jack Straw and his cronies, sorry team, brief the Sunday Telegraph.
  • Sunday 8th March - the story in The Sunday Telegraph gets a little publicity, it moves through the Guardian, Mail, Slashot and Facebook. Most of this is churnalism...
  • Monday and Tuesday - the story gets a little coverage, with a few of the people saying that they have checked the story with the so called Justice officials.
  • Wednesday - very little coverage, even after the U-turn is announced to the committee.
So where is the coverage for this important climb down? Why has the BBC still not covered this item - even though I know they have been informed? Yes, there are dreadful things happening in the world, but why no coverage of the impact of a mass mobilisation of public opinion? I can only guess how many e-mails the average MP has received, but the Clause 152 Facebook group has over 4,000 members, plus the other campaigns - so 15, 50 or 150?

Straw is suggesting that the medical lobby influenced this back down. This I just don't believe. It was the opinion of the masses. This threatens both the political status-quo and the press. That we can organise, and know more about what is going on than they do, is a real threat to them.

Conspiracy? No just a self-interested mob of scared individuals.

They are scared - let's keep them on the run. Keep listening, keep organising, keep pestering your MP. We get the government and press that we deserve, let's deserve something better than what we have.

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  1. "churnalism" thats good word ill remember that - DrF