Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Let's stop e-Borders

The stated purpose of the Government's e-Borders scheme is to:

...transform our border control to ensure greater security, effectiveness, and efficiency. To do so, we will make full use of the latest electronic technology to provide a way of collecting and analysing information on everyone who travels to or from the United Kingdom. Other technologies, particularly biometrics, will ensure we identify people securely and effectively.
Hmm. The press coverage in the past few days has been less than positive. See the Telegraph and the Times. NO2ID, Privacy International, yachting clubs, Eurostar, Eurotunnel and ferry companies all have major issues with this scheme.

All of your travel out of the UK will be recorded and stored for 10 years. The potential uses of this data are considerable. They are already stopping people accused of crimes, well that sounds reasonable. But what about:
  • school aged children during term times;
  • those claiming benefits;
  • people with outstanding parking tickets;
  • any other mashup with the data the Government holds on you.
And somehow they are claiming that by telling who is not in the UK they can increase security in the UK. I don't get that.

We stopped Clause 152, let's stop this.

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