Friday, 16 January 2009

Less government = better government

(Lord) Digby Jones reckons that half of the civil service could be axed without anyone really noticing. I guess he is talking about the Whitehall officials rather than the multitude of low-paid workers doing tasks like sorting out driving licences and the like - though Gordon Brown is making smoke about them.

I have spent 40 minutes this morning doing a phone questionnaire about things that impact on the social enterprise I run. As usual the questions didn't suit the answers for me, and when I was asked what one thing would make our organisation more effective I said "Less government legislation". Living with constantly moving targets and rulings, compounded by the inflexibility of their implementation just makes life so damn difficult.

For years I have been hoping for a hung Parliament (or for all parliamentarians to be hung) so that this increasing stream of ill-thought out legislation would be stopped. Please let it happen. Cockspiracy seems to constantly reflect on the knee-jerk production of legislation - and the poor planning and design seen in it.

The next set of legislation we will see will probably be designed to rescue the car manufacturing industry. As I see it:
  • government will get it wrong - they will produce a system that fails to perform as intended and leaks money into the pockets of rich capitalists;
  • were it to succeed it would be bad for the environment - as the production of new cars is far more damaging to the environment than any possible life time 'green' savings;
  • there are just too many cars - road traffic has practically doubled in the past 25 years, we cannot cope with this load - let alone more.
Add that to Gordon Brown's devotion to a third runway at Heathrow and you would have just about the most inappropriate plans for a sustainable future. The cockspiracy analysis allows me to say that this in not Brown acting in the interest of the rich capitalists, that support the current system and his employment after he gets evicted by the electors, but just another of Brown's many cock-ups.

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