Thursday, 11 December 2008

Short memory, long problems

  • Censorship
  • environmental damage
  • excessive use of government power
  • the police over-reaching themselves
  • financial crashes
  • house price booms & busts

The list goes on. These problems recur, and yet always surprise us.

Why are we surprised?

Because the human memory is really designed for coping with survival in a much simpler environment. To avoid these repeated cock-ups we, as a race, need to learn to review our behaviour in a the much longer term.

Why does this not happen?

Because it would mean that people with great power and vested interests in the maintenance of the status quo would have to make sacrifices.

The problem is that unless they are forces to accept these changes, then everyone will suffer, and it seems probable that many will die.

As a world we need to find a way of living that is sustainable and sensible.

Let us hope.

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