Saturday, 27 December 2008

Government Job Creation Scheme?

or just another cock-up?

The UK's Culture Secretary, Andy Burnham, has proposed in an interview with the Telegraph, that web sites be given a classification rating, like films. I won't go into the freedom of speech issues, but ask does this man know anything about the web?

Firstly, there are in excess of 186 million sites, growing by around 1.5 million per month. I can only presume that the secretary has not heard of a search engine like Google.

Secondly, a film is a form of printed media, so once classified, it is unlikely to change. The Internet is different. Websites can change.

I'm sure there is a third, but I'm too stunned at the stupidity of this proposal to think of it.


There could be a conspiracy lurking here. Burnham expects to the ISPs to do this work in the first case - and if they don't succeed then the government can put in place something more restrictive (read censorship).

UPDATE 29th December 2008

Andy Burnham had apparently not registered a twitter account, so he has been helped out...

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