Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Enough is enough

I still wear my "Make Poverty History" wrist band. I've had to repair it with superglue and I'm pretty sure that it will not last until poverty has been eradicated. Here we are three years later with Blog Action Day on poverty....

We all know the cause. As Ghandi so accurately put it:

"There is enough for everybody's need, but not enough for anybody's greed."

The tragedy goes on. Our political leaders have no vision, think in the 4 minute to 4 year time scale and lie to us repeatedly. And then we vote in replacements who also lie to us.

OK, so we all know the cause, what about...

a solution

We need to change the game. Capitalism is based on exponential growth. A mere 2% growth per annum, leads to a more than 7 fold increase in the economy in a century. The problem is, just like the metaphorical boiled frog, it seems like a steady sustainable growth. But assuming that constant 2% growth, that means we are adding the entire economy of 200 years ago each year. Alright, there was only a population of 11 million in the UK then, but that's still a large increase.

we need to say enough is enough

We can then focus on moving to equality, and inherently tied into this is moving towards local food production - because the only essential daily consumption is of food, heating and drink. Shipping food across the world is unnecessary and wasteful. We need to adopt a simpler life style. Long distance travel should be a rare event.

and if we don't

Then we can be sure that things will go badly wrong for everyone. The bald options are...

equality and enough or a new Dark Age.

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