Saturday, 4 July 2009

Greeenwash - this Power Station is carbon capture ready

we have left space in the design to add a carbon capture device.

As someone put it, "well, my drive is Ferrari ready". This is Greenwash at its most absurd:
  1. Its not 'carbon' capture, is is carbon dioxide that will be trapped.
  2. The energetics mean that even more coal will need to be burnt, as the capture process will require energy.
  3. The industrial scale process is unproven.
  4. The idea is that we can add on a new bit of technology and return to business as usual.
  5. I've heard no-one suggest that the emerging economies include carbon capture.
The truth is that the earth cannot sustain the western life-style for the western population, let alone extend it to the rest of the globe. The only way that we can survive with anything like the current population is to completely change our way of life. It needs to become:
  • simpler, based on the principle of 'enough';
  • based on something other than shopping/buying things to make people happy;
  • much more local, reducing traveling and moving goods (particularly food);
  • honest, we need politicians who are capable, and allowed to tell the truth;
  • more resilient, with small communities the centre of our lives.
So, how do I rate our chances of getting there? Well, as the old joke puts it, I wouldn't start from here...


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