Monday, 22 June 2009

Our leaders have learnt - nothing?

The public are clearly disgusted at the behaviour of our political leaders and the bankers. So how have they changed?

  • Fred Goodwin has 'handed back' about 1/4 of his pension pot - leaving him with a mere £12M - so he still gets a pension of £342,000 a year, on top of the tax-free £2.8m he took out of the fund in February.
  • Royal Bank of Scotland is planning a pay package worth up to £9.6m for Stephen Hester, its new chief executive.
The Speaker
  • There is, apparently, pressure from the Whips to get Margaret Beckett elected as Speaker. Change? What change.
  • The political class are trumpeting the 'openness' of the secret ballot for a new Speaker, ignoring the fact that this was only introduced to prevent the Whips from being able to monitor how MPs voted.
The Police
  • The police are still getting stressed about people taking photgraphs of their vehicles parked in disabled bays, in spite of the official statements, including the letter I received from Vernon Coaker.
  • More revelations are coming out about police behaviour at Climate Camp last year, including two people being held for 4 days because they demanded to know who the were dealing with.
Quangos and incompetence

It is difficult to know where to start:
  • LSC
  • PFI
Any answers?

Well, the Modern Liberty movement is proposing "Real Change: open politics" - it is worth a read, and may be our best hope.


  1. I have gotten to the point where I am beginning to no longer care, seems whatever we do we just get screwed another way any how. I don't understand how banks can pay bankers such huge amounts of money when the bankers failed and the banks apprantly have no money.
    If I work somewhere and I fail I lose my job and most proberly have to pay for what I broke yet these people get paid off for it.

    As for the police I have in the past asked to see there warrent cards and I would say 80% of the time they refused even though if asked they have to show if resonable its writtern in some act or law or something. Also if a officer comes to your door and you say your phoning the station to confirm his ID they throw hissy fits...

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