Friday, 29 May 2009

Why I'm voting Green next week.

A week today we shall know the results of the European and some local elections. We can assume that the Telegraph will continue drip feeding revelations in the run up. The public anger shows little signs of abating - as shown by Question Time audiences, and various on-line agitation.

So what is the best outcome of the vote?

At the risk of becoming a Party Political Broadcast, it does seem that the vote with the biggest impact is Green. My logic runs as follows:
  1. The Green Party has a coherent world-view - to describe them as single issue is inaccurate, single stance might be more appropriate.
  2. Society cannot continue to grow in the way that it has done over the past centuries - exponential growth has a nasty way of catching people off guard.
  3. They are not racist.
  4. The impact of a change in voting behaviour would support the drive for constitutional change.
So, consider your vote carefully, and even if your practice is to spoil your ballot or abstain, I think that a Green vote for the European parliament is the best. You never know, it might just save the planet.


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