Sunday, 10 May 2009

Shame on our MPs

I think the time has come to shame our MPs over their 'expenses' claims. I propose that as many people as possible send them a personal cheque for the amount they have claimed in expenses, divided by the number of people in the constituency. This cheque should be accompanied by a letter offering them sympathy for their obvious poverty and with best wishes that the cheque will help them buy another house at the electorates' expense.

In my case, Lydna Watho claimed a total of £144,615 in 2007/8. The estimate for the constituency population from National Statistics (Excel spreadsheet 2.8MB) is 82,047. This works out at £1.76 per constituent - somewhat higher than the national average of £1.28.

This is the letter I propose to write:

Dear Lynda Watho,

I understand that the salary you are paid for the post of MP for Stourbridge is only £63,291. As this is only two and a half times the average wage for the UK, you must be very short of money. I see that you last year you claimed over £144,000 for your expenses.

Some of these expenses I can understand, but others look a bit strange. None the less, this way of bumping up MPs wages seems to not be transparent and will inevitably bring parliament into disrepute. I therefore enclose a cheque for my share of these expenses, and hope that you will use it appropriately, such as putting it towards the purchase of a second house, or something similar.

Yours sincerely,
Of course it is possible that MPs don't get sarcasm, but I think it would be entertaining none the less.


  1. What would happen if the greedy gits decided to cash the cheques then, they would look well stupid :P

  2. Just don't sign the cheques or post-date them.