Friday, 22 May 2009

Now is the time to push for change

David Starkey on This Week last night was astonishing. His demand that Cameron call for a general election and convene a Constitutional Conference was well presented, as one might expect. I don't think that directly copying the American system is necessary the right answer, but his call is a start of a necessary process.

The Convention on Modern Liberty back in February brought forward a range of issues, and I'm waiting for the launch of Magna Carta 2.0 on June 14th. At the moment the media and the on-line communities are keeping the corruption of our parliament in the fore-front of the public agenda. At the moment this is all talk, and for now that is enough. This will not last.

There is a public fury out there.

While the media keep talking about the expenses row, then that will satisfy the public. They see the MPs suffering, and are content - even if they would rather lynch them. If the media let it slip, before the public see real change in the political system, then I suspect that fury will explode into action.

So Cameron and Clegg, get out there are talk to the grannies and the kids; the forces and the charity workers; the business man and the single mother. Get away from your minders and find out what the public really feel. Then you will realise that unless real change comes from Westminster, then it will be forced upon them.

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