Tuesday, 28 April 2009

So it wasn't about our safety in the first place...

It is amusing that the thing that ends up protecting our liberty may be the credit crunch.

The idea of a centralised database of all phone calls and Internet usage has been scrapped - and though the new project will cost the taxpayer £2B, it is almost certainly less than the originally planned project.
As Simon Davies, the director of Privacy International said: “Scrapping the central database is a red herring. The real threat arises from the sheer scale of the data the government wants to collect. Once these data sources are joined together we will have lost privacy for all time.”
Mind you, there are bets going around at the moment as to how long it is until the ID Card scheme gets scrapped as well. Then, of course, they might decide to stop the Trident weapon replacement, but this has further implications - if the UK stopped being a nuclear power...

So what about terrorism?

The central communication database and the ID Card scheme were meant to defend us from terrorism - and yet they can be abandoned to save money. If they had really been about protecting us, would they not be kept regardless of cost?