Sunday, 29 March 2009

Ambiguous, if not agressive, Police posters

The UK Home Office has released a series of three posters, which read:
  • "We'd like to give you a good talking to"
  • "Anything you say may be taken down and used as evidence"
  • "You have the right not to remain silent"
These are supposed to be part of the advertising campaign for the new "Policing Pledge"(PDF - 88K).

They may be intended to be clever and ironic, but...
They do seem to be rather aggressive, at least at first glance. They take their style from the "Keep Calm Carry on" series of World War II posters, available from Barter Books, of which my favourite is shown here.

I have this poster, and plan to display it in my front window - it may be possible to subvert this poorly targeted campaign for the cause of liberty.


  1. "Anything you say may be taken down and used as evidence"

    That one has been popping up all over Brum center the last week, in 1 place 2 of them next to each other (China Town). I was in the Bullring at around 9am this week and a announcement came over asking the first floor to prepare to evcuate for there "incident training". Only the 1st floor though not the others...

  2. "We'd like to give you a good talking to"

    They would like to interrogate me? My driving isn't that bad is it? I'm not even a suspect under caution, am I, let alone been charged?

    To an Englishman that certainly was very striking when I first saw it (while driving?) the other day.

    A few weeks ago I read a George Orwell novel with a poster slogan a little like this ....

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